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Pump Head Replacement Video 7123-340U Factory Wholesale

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Year: 2015
Maker: Centurion
Model: Pump Head Replacement Video 7123-340U Factory Wholesale
Feet: Pump Head Replacement Video 7123-340U Factory Wholesale
Phone: 13358539802
Zip Code: 3545
Condition: New
Location: Pump Head Replacement Video 7123-340U Factory Wholesale

Pump Head Replacement Video 7123-340U Factory Wholesale
Fuel Injection Pump Dpa Lucas 4 cylinder Head Rotor 7123-340U
china lutong parts plant. Offer world class Automotive diesel injection nozzles that are made from industrial grade materials like EN 31 Metal and High speed steel. Vitally important for the regulation of the fuel flow to ignition compartment our Diesel Injection Nozzles. Owing to durable and strong structure to them. Made in accordance with strict international quality standard(Quality test and producing according diesel etc international brand )so the have been preferred and purchase by clients all over the world. The Truth show our HongBeng Diesel injection nozzles have proven to be the ultimate choice for number of heavy truck and diesel engine.
7123-340R 4/8.5L DPA 2
7123-340S 4/8.5R DPA 2
7123-340T 4/9L DPA 2
7123-340U 4/9R DPA 2
7123-340W 4/9.5R DPA 2
7123-345U 6/9R DPA 2
7123-909T 6/9L DPA 2
7139-130T 4/9L DPA 2
7139-235G 3/8R DPA 2
7139-370U 6/9R DPA 2
7139-709W 3/9.5R DPA 2
7139-764S 3/8.5R DPA 2
7139-764T 3/9L DPA 2
7139-92Y 6/10R DPA 2
7180-572Y 6/10R DPA 2
91Y 6/10R DPA 2
908V 6/9.5L DPA 2
7180-600L 4/7R DPA 4
7180-650S 3/8.5R DPA 2
7180-647U 4/9R DPA 2
7180-611W 3/9.5R DPA 2
7180-613W 3/9.5R DPA 2
7180-655L 6/7R DPA 4
7180-668W 4/9.5R DPA 2
7180-819U 4/9R DPA 2
7180-965L 4/7R DPA 4
7180-977S 3/8.5R DPA 2
7183-125L 4/7R DPS 4
7183-156L 6/7R DPS 4
7183-165L 4/7R DPS 4
7183-129K 4/7L DPS 4
7183-137K 4/7L DPS 4
7185-023L 6/7R DP200 4
7185-114L 6/7R DP200 4
7185-196L 6/7R DP200 4
7185-197L 4/7R DP200 4
7185-626L 4/7R DP200 4
7185-913L 3/7R DP200 4
7185-917L 6/7R DP200 4
7185-918L 4/7R DP200 4
7189-376L 4/7R DP200 4
9050-191L 4/7R DPA 4
9050-222L 6/7R DP200 4
9050-228L 4/7R DP200 4
9187-210A 3/7R DP200 4
344W 4/9.5R DPA 2
641L 4/7R DPA 2
645L 4/7R DPA 2
698U 4/9R DPA 2
800L CI 4/7R DPA 4
547L 4/7R DPA 4
727L 6/7R DPA 4
927S 3/8.5R DPA 2
976L 3/7R DPA 4
15L 4/7R DPS 4
528K 4/7L DPS 4
215L CI 4/7R DP200 4
039L 4/7R DP200 4
627L 3/7R DP200 4

Place of Original China
Brand Name Weifu or OEM
Product Range Nozzle, piston, turbocharger, head rotor, plunger, oil filter, injector valve, repair kits
Packing HB, weifu or as per client's request
Shipping Way DHL,UPS,TNT, by Air or by Sea
Delivery time 5 days after receiving the money
Payment term T/T,Western Union, Money Gram
Certificate ISO9001:2000 and ts16949 certificate
Main Market Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Middle East, Europe, etc
Production Capacity 20000pcs