VE Mechanical Diesel Fuel Injection Pump NPVE411F1800LNP2371 injector pump price is cheap Detail Classifieds

VE Mechanical Diesel Fuel Injection Pump NPVE4/11F1800LNP2371 injector pump price is cheap

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Maker: Albemarle
Model: NPVE4/11F1800LNP2371
Feet: 8000KW
Phone: 8618659458099
Zip Code: 351111
Condition: New
Location: China

VE Mechanical Diesel Fuel Injection Pump NPVE4/11F1800LNP2371 injector pump price is cheap

China Lutong Parts Plant

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Diesel and petrol vehicles are more fuel efficient. Since diesel's energy thermal efficiency is 15% higher than that of gasoline, diesel engines are 30% more fuel efficient than gasoline engines. Because the diesel engine is a compression ignition type, the torque reaches a peak at a low engine speed of 3000-3500 rpm. At this time, the power is much larger than that of the gasoline engine, so it is very suitable for driving under urban road conditions and load conditions.

0~100km acceleration is the strength of diesel engines, and in urban road conditions, 0~100km has covered the vast majority of use, which will help improve traffic flow. Of course, there have been many problems in diesel vehicles, including engine noise and vibration, exhaust gas and black smoke in the tail gas, and slower start-up and high-speed performance of gasoline vehicles. Taking into account environmental issues,

Under the international background of energy shortage and high oil prices, Germany, France, Italy and South Korea are actively developing new technology diesel engines, overcoming the problems of black smoke and large noise, and exhaust emissions have reached the Euro IV standard. In the new car sales in 2004, diesel vehicles accounted for 40%-50%. The most advanced diesel technology, such as exhaust gas turbocharging and common rail injection, has abandoned the smoky and vibrational impression of the old diesel engine, and its quiet level is comparable to that of a gasoline engine.

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B NO StampingNo Vehicle Model Engine
1 468 333 320 A333 320 BENFRA/IVECO VE3/11R
1 468 333 323 A333 323 FIAT VE3/10L
1 468 334 313 A334 313 IVECO 40-8 VE4/9R
1 468 334 327 A334 327 VW(CK) VE4/9R
1 468 334 337 A334 337 FORD/NISSAN VE4/10R
1 468 334 378 A334 378 CUMMINS:4BT VE4/12R
1 468 334 424 A334 424 VOLVO PENTA VE4/11L
1 468 334 475 A334 475 CDC/PERKINS VE4/12R
1 468 334 485 A334 485 IVECO 40-10 VE4/10R
1 468 334 494 A334 494 CASE IH VE4/12R
1 468 334 496 A334 496 CDC/PERKINS VE4/12R
1 468 336 528 A334 528 VW VE6/11L
1 468 334 564 A334 564 SEAT/VW VE4/8R
1 468 334 565 A334 565 VDR 138 VE4/9R
1 468 334 575 A334 575 VW(ME)/VE R 270 VE4/9R
1 468 334 580 A334 580 FORD VE4/11R
1 468 334 590 A334 590 VW(ME)/SEAT VE4/8R
1 468 334 592 A334 592 FIAT VE4/11L
1 468 334 595 A334 595 IVECO VE4/11R
1 468 334 596 A334 596 ALFA ROMEO VE4/11R
1 468 334 603 A334 603 IVECO 40-10 VE4/11R
1 468 334 604 A334 604 IVECO/RENAULT VE4/11R
1 468 334 606 A334 606 IVECO/RENAULT VE4/11R
1 468 336 608 A334 608 MAN VE6/12R
1 468 334 617 A334 617 IVECO 49-12 VE4/11R
1 468 334 675 A334 675 FLAT/IVECO VE4/11R
1 468 334 678 A334 678 VE4/11R
1 468 334 720 A334 720 IVECO/VE R 573 VE4/11R
1 468 334 780 A334 780 IVECO-8140 VE4/11R
1 468 334 798 A334 798 IVECO 40-10 VE4/11R
1 468 3