0445120081 diesel engine fuel injector fits for HuangHaiKingLong Detail Classifieds

0445120081 diesel engine fuel injector fits for HuangHai,KingLong

Location: China |


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Maker: Albemarle
Model: 0445120081
Feet: 8000KW
Phone: 8618659458099
Zip Code: 351111
Condition: New
Location: China

0445120081 diesel engine fuel injector fits for HuangHai,KingLong

China Lutong Parts Plant

#0445120081 diesel engine fuel injector fits for HuangHai,KingLong#
#0445120081 diesel engine fuel injector#
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CHINA-LUTONG attended Automotive Parts Expo of PHILAUTO 2019 as one of the most experienced manufacturers in the Diesel Fuel Injection System. The Fair was held during 24th –26th July. We have been supplying high quality diesel parts and aftermarket service all the time. We keep learning the diesel market requirement and trend to make sure improve all the machining techniques and new common rail systems production. We also put more and more efforts to make sure all our Production capacity can meet all our buyers requirement.

The CHINA-LUTONG brand and our diesel parts brand DIESEL PARTS aim to improve our service and specialty in Diesel Fuel Injection Parts. We thanks a lot for all old partners and new friends who come to visit our booth during the exhibition. Really believe and hope there will be some more chances to begin business relationship between you and us.

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