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Split-type Nozzles DLLA147P2474 for best injectors for cummins

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Year: 1985
Model: DLLA147P2474
Phone: 13850268933
Zip Code: 15
Condition: New

Split-type Nozzles DLLA147P2474 for best injectors for cummins # JA,SHARY HU ,CHINA LUTONG ,COMMON RAIL SPARE PARTS # # JA,SHARY, China lutong parts plant, diesel fuel bosch common rail injector ,there is a inspection data with the injector # #How to buy common rail diesel fuel injector ,top quality ,best price, good service, welcome to contact shary hu # #Brand new, original, stable quality, stable plant quantity, first-class technology, and considerate service # Product Details: Place of Origin: original and new Brand Name: bosch Certification: genuine Model Number: DLLA147P2474 Payment & Shipping Terms: Price: USD 3 Packaging Details: original Payment Terms: Western union, Bank transfer, T/T , paypal and so on. # Whatsapp: 008613850268933 # Shary(mouse)china-lutong.net QQ:3004870610 https://www.amazon.com/s?k=DICSCL+PARCS https://www.facebook.com/ho.johnson.315 Body Material: Steel OEM: dlla 153p 884 Stamping no.: dlla 153p 884 Engine: CUMMINS Certification: ISO9001, TS16949 Cylinder: Multi-cylinder Carburettor Type: Horizontal Draught Needle Color: Black Warranty: 6 Months Application for Injector: Transport Package: 1 PC/Plastic Tube, 10 PCS/Box Origin: China Fuel: Diesel Component: Auto Nozzle Stroke: 4 Stroke Fuel Saver Type: Solid-fuel Catalyst and Air Aeration Weight: 0.04kg Stamping Number: DSLA156P737 Specification: 1.5cm * 7cm HS Code: 8409999990 #JA ,repair nozzle,Automotive Injector Nozzle,bmw spray nozzle,audi tdi diesel fuel nozzle,diesel injection nozzle types.# #JA diesel injection nozzle types,Diesel Injector Nozzles,diesel injectors or nozzles,vw diesel injector nozzles,diesel injectors and nozzles,# # JA,diesel pump nozzle size,injector nozzles,nozzle denso,vw diesel injector nozzles,bosch pump parts# # Automobile Fuel Injectors,nozzles for diesel engines,best injectors for cummins # # Bosch Common Rail Parts,Bosch injector common rail system,common rail fuel injector cummins,hino injector replacement # China Lutong Parts Plant is one of the major Chinese companies in the manufacturing and supply of diesel engine parts. How the nozzle working?The fuel flows down through a fuel passage in the injector body and into the pressure chamber. The high fuel pressure in the pressure chamber forces the needle valve upward, compressing the needle valve return spring and forcing the needle valve open. When the needle valve opens, diesel fuel is discharged into the combustion chamber in a hollow cone spray pattern. Learn more about Engine Lubrication & Cooling Systems Here. Any fuel that leaks past the needle valve in the Engine returns to the fuel tank through a return passage and line. We have some items for your views: ZEXELNO StampingNo Vehicle Model Engine 105000-0010 DN4S1 KOMATSU 2D94 105000-0020 DN4S2 M.BISHIHI.NAG YANMAR6RAL 105000-0081 DN0SD211ND1 105000-0090 DN8S3 105000-0140 DN30S2 105000-0210 DN8S2 105000-0260 DN15S156 KUBOTA 105000-0490 DN4S1 KOMATSU 2D94 105000-1010 DN0SD21 MAZDA/NISSAN/ISUZU ED33/DG/LEK752C/S723 105000-1030 DNOSD126 MAZDA 105000-1080 DN0SD211 NISSANDIESEL/KOMATSU 4BA1TLD/ED30 105000-1090 DN0SD212 ISUZU/HINO DM100/DQ100 105000-1130 DN4SD24 HINO Isuzu DM100/2D/4DR/4DR50A 105000-1220 DN12SD12 4DR50A/K713/LE802 105000-1310 DN4SD24NP1 HINO/KOMATSU PC120/4D120/4SPEND 105000-1370 DN4SD24NP2 HINO/KOMATSU PC120/NP2/4SPEND 105000-1550 DN15SDNK1 KUBOTA E650/ER150/ET115/ET85 105000-1600 DN12SD12 KUBOTA/ISHIKAWAJIMAS CA/D1102/D1301C 105000-1650 DN0SD2110 ISUZU/ISEKI/TOYO-SHA 4BA1 Design of the diesel fuel injector nozzle is critical to the performance and emissions of modern diesel engines. Common rail—nozzle operates under more demanding tribological conditions and must be better designed to prevent leakage. Unit injector/unit pump—pressure pulsing conditions create more demanding fatigue strength requirements. Pump-line-nozzle—hydraulic dead volume must be minimized. isuzu injector nozzle iveco aifo nozzle J Type Nozzle john deere injector nozzle john deere injector nozzles john deere nozzle kia injector nozzle Kia Nozzle komatsu injector nozzle kubota fuel injector nozzle kubota injection nozzle kubota injector nozzles kubota nozzle lb7 injector nozzle kit lb7 injector nozzle replacement lb7 injector nozzles lb7 injector tips lb7 nozzles lbz injector nozzle replacement lbz injector nozzles lbz injector tips lly injector nozzle replacement lly injector nozzles lucas injector nozzle man diesel injector nozzle man injector nozzle man nozzle Marine Nozzles mitsubishi 4d56 injector nozzle mitsubishi 4m40 injector nozzle mitsubishi nozzle mitsumbishi injector nozzle multi hole injector nozzle multi hole nozzle Multi-hole nozzles multi-nozzle assembly multiple nozzle assembly NEW HOLLAND NOZZLE NEW HOLLAND NOZZLE For Sale nozzle tip assy nozzle tip images nozzle tip injector nozzle tip manufacturers nozzle tip price p type dsla 145 p 681 fuel injector nozzles p type fuel injector nozzles p type injector nozzle p type injector nozzle 0 433 171 222 p type injector nozzle dlla 155 p 307 pump line nozzle fuel injection system pump line nozzle fuel system pump line nozzle injection Pump Repair Kits pump-line-nozzle injection system replacement injector nozzles cummins fuel nozzle accessories High Quality Nozzles hole injection nozzle hole nozzle hole nozzle injector hole type injector nozzle hole type nozzle Hole-type Nozzle Hole-type nozzles how diesel injector nozzle works how diesel nozzle works how fuel injector nozzles work how to clean fuel injector nozzle how to clean fuel injector nozzles hyundai parts injector nozzle indirect injection nozzle Industrial Diesel Engine Fuel Nozzles industrial fuel nozzle industrial high pressure nozzle Industrial Injection Injector Nozzles industrial injection nozzle industrial injection nozzle reviews industrial nozzle industrial nozzle manufacturers industrial nozzle spray industrial nozzle systems industrial nozzle tip industrial nozzles industrial nozzles & systems industrial nozzles manufacturer industrial nozzles suppliers industrial spray nozzle industrial spray nozzle manufacturers industrial spray nozzles industrial spray nozzles online injection nozzle assembly injection nozzle in diesel engine injection nozzle pdf nozzle injector diesel nozzle injector dlla142p nozzle injector fuel nozzle injector kia nozzle injector of toyota nozzle injector replacement Nozzle Iveco Nozzle L096PBD nozzles dsla 150p520 nozzles for diesel engines nozzles for diesel injectors nozzles for sale Nozzles HEUI Cat nozzles in diesel engine single cylinder diesel engine nozzle single hole nozzle single hole type nozzle SM Nozzles SN Nozzles Split-type Nozzles