injector delphi common rail EJBR04701D diesel truck fuel injectors Detail Classifieds

injector delphi common rail EJBR04701D diesel truck fuel injectors

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Model: EJBR04701D
Phone: +8613860937875
Condition: New

injector delphi common rail EJBR04701D diesel truck fuel injectors

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Whatsapp: 0086 138 6093 7875


#injector delphi common rail#

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China Lutong Parts Plant is a professional manufacturer of diesel auto parts, integrating production, sales and service. Through the exhibition, we will broaden our horizons, open up ideas, learn advanced technologies, and share and cooperate to expand the company's visibility and influence in the oil pump nozzle industry. As an expert in diesel injection systems, our main products to show: common rail system spare parts. This time we recommend common rail system products such as common rail nozzles, Common rail control valves, common rail injectors, etc. .Of course, mechanical pump system products also welcome to enquiry: for example, VE, DPA, DPS and DP200. head rotor ans so on.

#injector delphi common rail#

#diesel truck fuel injectors#

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EJBR04501D 664017012



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BEBE4C00001 20430583
BEBE4C06001 3587147/3803655

BEBE4D08001 20584345(OEM)
BEBE4D14101 20929906/20780666
BEBE4L11001 22027808
BEBE4D37001 21582101
BEBE4D35002 21582096
BEBE4D28001 20569291
BEBE4D24003 21371674
BEBE4D24001 20747797
BEBE4D12001 20747797
BEBE4C01101 20440388
BEBE4C00101 20430583
BEBE4C01101 20440388