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common rail injector test bench made in china

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Year: 2010
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common rail injector test bench made in china

Common Rail Test Bench EPS 815 Common Rail Test Bench Manufacturer China Diesel Tester 
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Tina Chen - Bombas de Inyeccion Diesel
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This test bench is used for testing Traditional Mechanical Pump, Common Rail Pump, Common Rail Injector, EUI/EUP and HEUI.

A. Testing all mechanical in line pumps and VE pumps
B. Testing High Pressure Common Rail Pump, Rail and Common Rail Injector
C. Testing EUI/EUP
D. Testing CAT HEUI system
Technical Parameters:
1. Motor power: 7.5KW, 11KW, 15KW, 18.5KW and 22KW
2. Electronic power: 3Phase 380V or 3Phase 220V
3. Motor speed: 0-4000RPM
4. Pressure adjustment: 0-2000bar
5. Flow testing range: 0-600ml/1000times
6. Flow measurement accuracy: 0.1 ml
7. Temperature range: 40+-2
8. Cooling system: fan or forced cooling ( optional )

Product Description:
NTS815A Common Rail Injector Pump Test Bench Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench
This NTS815A mainly test for common rail pump and injector, and diesel fuel injection pump(Mechanical Pumps)
1.Motor power:7.5KW, 11KW, 15KW, 18.5KW, 22KW
2.Industrial PC with touch screen
3.Compressor cooling
4.Oil tank(including heating,refrigeration,liquid level detection,temperature detection)
5.Diesel tank(including heating,refrigeration,liquid level detection,temperature detection)
6.Flow meter(German ZDM) detecting the fuel injection flow rate
7.Flow meter(German ZDM) detection of common rail pump
8.Flow meter(German KRACHT) to detect oil flow
9.Flow meter(German KRACHT) detection of diesel oil return flow
10.2sets of B-OSCH common rail +DRV
11.Oil tank temperature sensor
12.Diesel fuel tank temperature sensor
13.Diesel supply temperature sensor
14.Diesel return temperature sensor
15.Oil pressure sensor
16.Diesel supply pressure sensor
17.Diesel return pressure sensor
18.Diesel pump internal pressure sensor
19.Oil pressure closed loop control module
20.The device is convenient to move and position the roller
21. Adjustable cylinders numbers: 12
22. RPM:0-4000
23. Support RPM Pre-set.
24. Temperature control system.
25. Positive Pressure System.
26. Negative Pressure System.
27. Air Supply
28. DC Power supply.
29. Internal Pressure of VE Pump
30. Oil return of VE Pump
31. Travel of Tooth Bar (Optional)
32. Oil Lubricate. (Optional)
33. Capability with Pump Type: All in-line and Rotary Pump .


Large graduated cylinder (ml) 150
Flower meter LZB-10
DC power supply 12V / 24V
High pressure of feeding test oil >4Mpa
Low pressure of feeding test oil >0.4Mpa
Weight of testing bench (kg ) 800kg