Duck Boat1945 DUKW WWII Six Wheel Amphibious in Pleasantville NJ Detail Classifieds

Duck Boat1945 DUKW WWII Six Wheel Amphibious in Pleasantville, NJ

Location: Pleasantville, NJ | Posted By: sellernetworks


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Year: 1945
Model: WWII Six Wheel Amphibious
Phone: 855-600-7750
Zip Code: 08232
Condition: Used
Location: Pleasantville, NJ

1945 DUKW WWII Six-Wheel Amphibious 1945 DUKW WWII Six-Wheel Amphibious vehicle in great condition. The U.S. produced lots of Military vehicles during the war including about 20000 DUKW boats. Duck boats are a U.S. Tourist attraction that have unfortunately seen several high-profile accidents (the most recent killed 17 people on Table Rock Lake in Branson Missouri). Yet before they were a controversial Tour vehicle the Allied troops during World War II used them to get Artillery Supplies and even Soldiers ashore. The name DUKW corresponded to General Motors manufacturing code (D is 1942 model U is Amphibious K is All-Wheel Drive and W is Dual Rear Wheels). Soldiers simplified this by calling them Ducks. 2.5-Ton 6-Wheel Amphibious truck. This vehicle had been capable of carrying 25 Soldiers and their equipment an Artillery piece or 5000 pounds (2300 kg) of general Cargo. At sea the vehicle could maintain a speed of 5 Knots (about 6 Statute miles or 9 k Stock Number: B199912T