76 Long Boat Dock with Four Fingers amp Three 20 Slips Only 12 years old Detail Classifieds

76' Long Boat Dock with Four Fingers & Three 20' Slips - Only 12 years old

Location: North Little Rock, Arkansas | Posted By: GovDealsBoats

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Model: 76' Long Boat Dock Four Fingers & Three 20' Slips
Zip Code: 72114
Condition: Used
Location: North Little Rock, Arkansas

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Steel framed, wood decked, four finger boat dock. Main dock is approx. 6' wide & 76' long. Fingers are 4' wide & approx. 42' long. The 3 slips are approx. 20' wide. The dock has fence wire attached to 3 sides of dock and a metal roof. There are several electrical outlets installed along each finger. The ramp & walkway on both sides of dock will be detached by the City and are NOT a part of the auction bid. Due to low water right now, a lot of the dock is resting on the Arkansas River sand bed. Photos will show the dock both on the river bed and when the water was up. The dock is secured by 8 large poles - 4 at the rear & 4 in the front. Buyer must remove all 8 poles in order to move the dock - poles cannot be cut. The poles will belong to the buyer. Poles are installed in the river bed & attached with large brackets to dock. The dock is 12 years old and was built for about $118,000. ***NOTE: THE SUCCESSFUL BIDDER ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES TO THE FOLLOWING: • THE PROPERTY IS SOLD “AS IS”; • NO DISASSEMBLY OR DISMANTLING OF THE PROPERTY SHALL TAKE PLACE PRIOR TO SIGNING THE BILL OF SALE; • UPON SIGNING THE BILL OF SALE OWNERSHIP OF THE PROPERTY WILL TRANSFER FROM THE CITY TO THE SUCCESSFUL BIDDER, AND THE CITY SHALL BE RELEASED FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY RELATED TO THE PROPERTY; AND • THE SUCCESSFUL BIDDER SHALL COMPLY WITH ALL CITY, STATE AND FEDERAL REGULATIONS APPLICABLE TO THE DISASSEMBLY AND DISMANTLING OF PROPERTY ON OR FROM NAVIGABLE WATERWAYS. City can provide names of companies who can assist in removing the poles and moving the dock. Buyer is responsible for not damaging surrounding property.