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1923 Showboat Majestic ,HISTORICAL Floating Theater.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio | Posted By: GovDealsBoats

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Year: 1923
Model: Showboat Majestic ,HISTORICAL Floating Theater
Feet: 150
Zip Code: 45225
Condition: Used
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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This show boat can be viewed In Cincinnati,on the Public Landing, at 435 E. Mehring Way. Call ANDY SCHUERMANN for an appointment at (513) 475-9600 THE SHOW BOAT CAN ONLY BE SOLD TO A BUYER WHO WILL SIGN AND ENTER INTO A COVENANT WITH THE STATE HISTORIC PRESERVATION OFFICE. SEE THE ATTACHMENTS. The Showboat Majestic, built in 1923, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It was the last of the floating theaters in America and is the only surviving intact showboat. It was purchased by the City of Cincinnati in 1967. A 2007 restoration grant from the State required that the City enter into a preservation covenant with the State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service. The covenant is in perpetuity and this applies to the City as well as to any successors or assigns. This means that any buyer of the Showboat would need to enter into a new preservation covenant filed with the State and with the National Park Service. The major requirements include the following: No changes can be made to the architecturally or historically significant features of the Showboat including coloring or surfacing without first receiving prior approval of the State Historic Preservation Office. Public access to the boat for no less than 12 days a year on an equitably spaced basis is required. The dates and times when the boat is open to the public must be published annually and provided to the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). If the boat is moved to another location but is viewable from a public right-of-way, this may be found to meet the public access requirement. The Showboat must be maintained. If any repair, rehabilitation or alteration is to be carried out, this must meet the “Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings.” The Ohio State Historic Preservation Office has determined that if the boat is moved to another location and this new location is not in Ohio, the responsibility for approvals would rest with the historic preservation office of that State. The Floating Theater Specifications: Has Electric heat and Air conditioning. The Theater has approx. 218 seats inside the main area. . The Showboat is 42 feet wide, 150 feet long and two stories tall. The electric service feeding the boat is 400amp 3 phase 120/240volt. There is a stage, dressing rooms and restroom facility. There is a fire suppression system on the boat. There is some lighting and sound equipment on board. The two gangways will be included. There are several winches included. The power and water service lines are NOT included. The camera mounted on top of the boat will be removed prior to the auction.