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1907 Old Town Wood Canvas Canoe

Location: Spencer, NY |


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Year: 1907
Model: Old Town,
Feet: 17'
Phone: 607-589-4980
Zip Code: 14883
Condition: Used
Location: Spencer, NY

This vintage canoe has been fully restored to it's original beauty. All ribs are in good condition. Old canvas was removed and replaced with new. Then canvas filler was applied. Outside of canoe was finished with four coats of high quality marine grade paint in the original color. Canoe seats were rebuilt and caned. Detachable Leeboard is new. Detachable Sail rigging, including mast, spars and lateen sail is completely new. We also have a copy of the original paperwork for this canoe from Old Town - Johnson Outdoor Watercraft. This package includes 17' canoe, White canoe paddles, detachable Leeboard and sail rigging.