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13m3 grab dredger

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ITEM DESCRIPTION STATISTICS Loa 42.90m Breadth 17.00m Calculated depth 3.408m Depth 3.40m Length of tonnage deck 42.90m Time of Measuring Oct 8,2005 Mold capacity below ton deck 2447.70 m3 Mold capacity above ton deck 760.04 m3 Gross tonnage 866t Net tonnage 259t Generator set 1 Model of generator TFX-225M4-H number 1 Power rating 40.00kw Rated speed 1500r/min Type of current AC 72.20A Voltage rating 400.00v Prime motor model 4135CAF Number 1 Power rating 53.00kw Rated speed 1500r/min Type of main switchboard hanging No. of screen of switchboard 2 Generator set 2 Model of generator TFX-225M4-H Number 1 Power rating 50.00kw Rated speed 1500 Type of current AC 90.20A Voltage rating 400.00v Prime motor model 4135ACaf Number 1 Power rating 66.20kw Rated speed 1500r/min Main engine Model Caterpillar, 2300BHP Fuel consumption 182kg/h Grab No. 2 Weight 45t Lifting capacity 120t Boom length 24.80m Working radius 11m Max lifting height 11m Max lifting capacity 120t Suitable Working depth 58m Generator builder Shanghai Electric Motor Factory With another booster Commins windlass 4 separate hydraulic windlass Steel cable 40mm Main steel cable 45mm Ballast water tank(B.W.T) 120cbm x 2.75cbm x 2 Fuel oil tank (F.O.T) 65cbm x 2 Fresh water tank 65cbm x 2 Air flask Capacity 0.80 Number 1 Usage Mixed use Designed pressure(Mpa) 3.30 Working pressure(Mpa) 3.30 The pressure of hydrostatic test(Mpa) 4.95 Factory: Shandong Gaomi Guangda Gas Engine ltd, pressure vessel factory Date of built July 20, 2005 Part of electrics Engine room automation: --- Power distribution network: three faze AC and three wires Generating equipment Name Generating set 1 Generating set 2 Model of generator TFX-250L4-H TFX-225S4-H Number 1 1 Power rating(kw) 40.00 50.00 Rating rotating speed(r/min) 1500 1500 Type of current and size AC 72.20A AC 90.20A Rating voltage(V) 400.00 400.00 Type of prime mover 4135caf 4135ACaf Number 1 1 Power rating(kw) 53.00 66.20 Rating rotating speed(r/min) 1500 1500 Type of main distribution board hanging --- Number of distribution board 2 --- Capacity of accumulator battery --- Others Equipment Order broadcasting equipment Model CJK-I Device number 05019