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Self-propelled unloading barge with conveyor for sale

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Vessel type 3000t Length 84.8m Breadth 14.6m Depth 3.6m Main engine Type 61702C-19 Power 544hp*2 Gear box Reduction ratio 4:1 Auxiliary engine Type 61702C-19 Gear box Reduction ratio 2.5:1 Generator set Power,no 50kw*2 Factory Yuchai Peilan electronic machinery Generator set Power 15KW Winches no. 2 Anchor Weight 1.5t*2 Stern anchor weight 1t Anchor chain 32 Conveyor Breadth 1.4m Equipments Type Details Steering gear XKJ150-63 11.3MPa, 63kN.m Fire pump XBD200-200I; XBD100-160A 22kw,400m3/h; 11kw,93m3/h Fire pump 80CLH-32 7.5kw, 50m3/h Conveyor main engine X6170ZC-19 397KW, 1200r/min Conveyor clutch WHG400 2.5:1; 1000-1800r/min 0.331kw/(r.min-1) Oily water separator SL-0.1 Marine main switchboard DNC-MSBA