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6250t chemical tanker for sale

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6250 DWT TANKER Classification: BV Hull : single screw double hull tanker Product : oil products (and noxious liquid substances which products the IBC code does not apply) Date of build: 2011 Dimensions: Length overall approx 110.14 m Length between b.p. approx 104.40 m Breadth moulded. approx 15.80 m Depth moulded. approx 8.25 m Summer draft. (design) approx 6.00 m Summer draft. (scantling) approx 6.50 m GRT approx. ~4100 t. NRT approx. ~2000 t. LWT approx. ~2400 t. Cargo tank capacity (100%) approx 6960 m3 Deadweight At scantling draught of 6.50 m approx 6250 metric ton, Propulsion Main engine: M.C.R. : ~3000 kW at 600 R.P.M. Controllable pitch propeller, diameter about 3800 mm. Flag Registration will be according to Greek Flag. Tank Capacities Capacity of cargo tanks Cargo Tank No: 1P approx. 512.42 m3 Cargo Tank No: 1S approx. 517.43 m3 Cargo Tank No: 2P approx. 585.90 m3 Cargo Tank No: 2S approx. 586.53 m3 Cargo Tank No: 3P approx. 488.50 m3 Cargo Tank No: 3S approx. 490.58 m3 Cargo Tank No: 4P approx. 590.67 m3 Cargo Tank No: 4S approx. 593.42 m3Cargo Tánk Noº µP appòoø. 522®0´ m3 Cárço Tank No: 5S approx. 522.12 m3 Cargo Tank No: 6P approx. 563.62 m3 Cargo Tank No: 6S approx. 567.78 m3 Total 100% approx. 6821.05 m3 Capacity of slop tanks (on deck) Total 100% approx. 2x70 m3 Capacity of ballast tanks Total 100% approx. 2506,78 m3 Capacity of diesel-oil tanks Total 100% approx. 79,10 m3 Capacity of fuel-oil tanks Total 100% approx. 341,52 m3 Capacity of lube oil tanks Total 100% approx. 15,45 m3 Capacity of fresh water tanks Capacity of Domestic Fresh Water: approx. 48,40 m3 Capacity of Industrial Water: approx. 143,44 m3 Capacity of Drinking Water: approx. 10,00 m3 Speed The trial speed to be 13 knots at an even keel draft of 6.00 m with the ship fully equipped and the engine running at 90% MCR ( no load on the shaft generator). Trial conditions to be maximum Bft 2 and on min. 100 m water depth with the speed measured over an approved course in two directions. For more info, pls feel free to contact me via cam@cnshippings.com