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Location: Menominee, MI (Upper Pennisula of Michigan) |


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Year: 2016
Model: Chesepeak Light Craft
Feet: 17
Zip Code: 49858
Condition: Used
Location: Menominee, MI (Upper Pennisula of Michigan)

This Dory is a GREAT performer, in either it's rowing or sail configurations. The Dory hull shape has been around for 100-yrs, it was the boat of choice for the hardworking New England long-liner fishing fleets. Comes with everything you'll need.

Sailing Configuration: Mast, spar, dagger board, rudder, Swedish tiller, Lug rig sail with control lines.

Rowing Configuration: Piantedois monorail drop-in Sliding Seat Rowing Unit, and Dreher 9-1/2' composite oars (Super light and strong.)

The boat also comes with a pair of wood spoon oars (in addition to the composite set for the rowing configuration), a new custom boat cover and light-weight aluminum trailer.

Specifications: Length 17', Beam 56", Hull Weight ~100#, Payload 800#, Draft 5", Sailing draft 24".

You can change between configurations in 10-minutes, its fun and fast!! (I've reached top speeds of 6-kts in the rowing configuration and 11kts sailing. Average cruising speeds were 3-1/2 kts and 6 kts, respectively).

I am negotiable on price if your not interested in the rowing configuration (Sliding Seat and Composite oars.) or have your own trailer.

Includes free delivery within 60 (highway) miles of Menominee, MI. Otherwise the buyer is responsible for local pick-up.